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Used Car Consignment Lot

Need to sell your car? Let us sell it for you!

Our consignment program is the best bet for selling your vehicle, hassle-free. We offer a low consignment fee, give your car a clean up and mechanical inspection (an additional charge may apply for tune-ups or extra dirty vehicles), run a CarProof report, and post your vehicle on our website and 3rd party advertiser sites. Then when we get a lead or some interest in your vehicle, we'll handle it - the questions, the haggling, the test drive. We take care of it for you.

How does the consignment process work?

  1. Bring your vehicle to our sales center. We are open 6 days a week.
  2. We will help you determine a reasonable value, which we will pay to you upon sale of your vehicle. We add in the price of an after market warranty, which we include with your vehicle, for everyone's safety. With the addition of a modest profit margin, we now have the retail/asking price for your vehicle, to be advertised on all of the websites and other advertising venues.
  3. We ask for $249 to place your vehicle on our lot and with that we place your vehicle on our web site and several other web sites we subscribe to, in addition to pulling a CarProof report.
  4. If your vehicle requires any mechanical work, you can do it or have us do it for you and subtract cost from proceeds of sale.

Why Consign a Vehicle?

    We've all heard the scary stories about individuals trying to sell their vehicles privately. Why take the risk?
  2. TIME
    Avoid tire kickers and the hassle of unqualified buyers calling and emailing you with tiresome questions. Even if someone arranges to come and see your vehicle, more often than not they waste your time again by not showing up! Bring it to our dealership and let us deal with the tire kickers for you.
    When you sell your vehicle privately, you need to place expensive ads in the local paper and auto-trade magazines, often week after week with little or no result. Even if you advertise online on a free site, your ad will only stay at the top positions for a short time before you have to pay for a bump-up. At Siman we'll take care of the advertising and expense so you don't have to.
    We all know that everybody is out to get a deal. Haggling over price can be uncomfortable, and you tend to get worn down or feel pressure to give in to a low offer if your vehicle isn't selling. Our professional salespeople have years of experience negotiating pricing so you can avoid any uncomfortable situations.
    Not everyone is a mechanic. The vehicle you’re trying to sell may run fine right now, but if something goes wrong after someone buys it and drives it for a week, then they will likely come back to you with the issue. At Siman Auto Sales, if we sell your vehicle for you then we take care of the after-sales service.
    Selling your car privately means you're only targeting people who have access to enough cash to pay for it up-front. At Siman Auto Sales, we offer a variety of financing options to make it easier for people to purchase your vehicle. These financing options make it possible for people, who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do so through a private sale, to buy your vehicle.

Questions & Answers

Q. How long can I leave my car with you?

A. We ask for a minimum 30-day commitment, if the vehicle has not sold in 30 days you may remove it from the lot or you can leave it with us at no additional charge.

Q. What about insurance?

A. Siman Auto Sales carries Insurance to cover your vehicle with a $1,000 deductible. You are responsible for the deductible, If you desire better coverage than this, we suggest you contact SGI for their consignment rates, they are usually quite inexpensive. We have Dealer Plates that cover the vehicle for collision during a test drive.

Q. What if my vehicle is not in saleable condition?

A. We know what it takes to sell your vehicle. A clean well running good-looking vehicle will get top dollar. We offer Mechanical, Cleanup & Body shop services to return your car to Showroom condition. We can even take the cost of repairs out of the sale price so you don't have to put the money out up front.

Q. What if I can't leave my vehicle with you because it's my only vehicle but I still need to sell it.

A. No problem, bring it by the sales center and let us photograph it and get a description. We will put it on our Cyber Lot (web site), and four other popular web sites. When we get a call on your vehicle we will set up an appointment to show it at our sales center and when it sells we take our commission out of the sale. There is a modest $49 fee for our services.

The "Siman Auto Sales" Advantage

We at Siman Auto Sales (SAS) strive to be innovative in the area of auto consignment and sales. We offer several services to facilitate the consignment and sale of your vehicle, making the entire process a pleasurable and profitable experience for you! Outlined below are the services we will offer you to address any selling concerns:

  1. SAS eliminates the risk of you possibly dealing with unsavory individuals by handling all aspects of the sale from our location. The purchasing customer will have no direct contact with you.
  2. SAS will advertise your vehicle on our website:, as well as on and four other popular web sites.
  3. SAS is open and available to show your vehicle 6 days a week, including 2 evenings and Saturdays, leaving your time free to enjoy life.
  4. SAS will strategically position your vehicle on our sales lot, which is attractively located on the corner of a high-traffic intersection, with good visibility.
  5. SAS includes a Lubrico aftermarket warranty on all their vehicles to the buyer, protecting you and their investment.
  6. SAS Offers on site Bank & Special Financing and can get approvals usually within 15 minutes.