We are thrilled to announce that Kelsey Johnson has chosen to make a contribution through our "Making a Difference, Together" initiative to the Teen Challenge organization. Joining us in receiving the donation is Terry Hussey, the Donor Relations Officer at Teen Challenge Canada.

Teen Challenge partners with the Saskatchewan Men's Centre & Prairie Hope Women's Centre, that both run 12-month in-residence alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation programs, located near Allan and Hague, Saskatchewan. Teen Challenge provides a beacon of hope to those battling alcoholism and drug addiction. They don't just mend lives; they rebuild them from the ground up.

We encourage you to learn about Teen Challenge's mission. It sheds light on the incredible work they do and the lives they touch. For more information and to contribute to their cause, please visit their website at Your support can make a world of difference to someone seeking a path to recovery.

Let’s make a difference together. Thank you to everyone involved!