Peace of Mind Private Purchasing


Peace-of-Mind Private Purchasing: 3P Advantage

Buying a vehicle privately can be a good thing. You can often find great deals and quality vehicles. But sometimes things can go wrong. A private seller is not held to any legal standards and there’s often no way to know if what they’re telling you about the vehicle is true. Has it ever been a total loss? Do they have an outstanding loan against this vehicle? Are there any mechanical issues? Are there any liens on the vehicle? We’ve come across a couple stories recently that have prompted us to lend a hand to the private buyer.

If you’re interested in a vehicle from a private seller, then we want to help you make the right decision. Which is why we’ve launched Siman Auto Sales Peace of Mind Private Purchasing: The 3P Advantage. Here are the details:

For $149, Siman Auto Sales will:

  • complete an inspection by our journeyman mechanic
  • provide you with an estimate of any repairs that may be needed
  • provide you with a professional fair market analysis of the asking price
  • provide you with a CarProof report
  • provide you with an SGI tax status report
  • provide you with a Lien search report

What does this information tell you? It tells you if you’re paying a fair price to market for this vehicle; if the vehicle is mechanically sound; the potential cost of any mechanical issues; a complete vehicle history no matter where the vehicle has been registered; if there are any outstanding debts owed on this vehicle or any claims against the vehicle that may affect your potential ownership. Get the whole picture, make an informed decision and protect your investment – we can help.

Siman Auto Sales is large enough to make a difference, small enough to care. Call us to schedule your 3P Advantage appointment today,

306-546-3993 in Regina.