Finance FAQs

Frequently Asked Financing Questions

Q. Is the information I provide via your online application safe?

A. Yes. Our form is on a secure connection. That means that once you click send, then all of your data is encrypted. If you are still concerned about using our online form, you can give us a call and begin the application process over the phone.

Q. What can I expect to happen after I fill out an application online?

A. Once you’ve submitted your application, we will call to confirm your information and collect any information that may be missing. After the application has been submitted to the appropriate financing partner, we will keep you in the loop via phone or email as to the status of your application.

Q. What type of information do you need to begin the finance application process?

A. All we need is your full name, home address, and work information.

Q. What happens if my application is declined?

A. We will re-submit your application to the next-level financing provider. A decline on your application through Siman Auto Sales just means we will try again through another lender.

Q. What are a customer’s different financing options?

A. We can get financing for all levels of credit including sub-prime and guaranteed approval loans.

Q. Is a down payment necessary?

A. We generally don’t require a down payment unless we need to go through a Guaranteed Approval lender then a 10% down payment is required.

Q. I have damaged credit or have claimed bankruptcy. Can you still get me a vehicle loan?

A. We can help car buyers with all types of credit history. We know that unfortunate events can land good people in a poor credit situation and a car loan can help you get your credit back on track. If you’re unsure about your qualifications for a loan, come see us or give us a call.

SAS Used Car Financing Terms and Rates

Are you curious about our used car financing terms and rates? Fill out our online credit application here, and we can give you an accurate list of financing options on a car or truck of your choosing. We offer low percent financing rates to many of our customers.


Bad credit? Relax! We'll get you approved. If you work, we'll have you driving a great pre-owned car. We have competitive auto financing options for customers struggling with their credit, as well as new buyers with no credit.