For our "Making a Difference, Together" community giving initiative, we are at the Regina Humane Society. Along with us, we have staff member and finance manager, Michael Collete, who has chosen the Regina Humane Society as his charity of choice for the $1,000 donation to be received by Bill Thorn, Director of Public Relations. As fellow dog lovers, Michael and his Wife want to support the RHS so they can continue to provide the awesome work that they do!
The Regina Humane Society is a local non-profit dedicated to improving the well-being of animals in our community.
To learn more about the Regina Humane Society, visit
We look forward to sharing another donation soon!



Last month, through our "Making a Difference, Together" community giving initiative, we contributed a special, inaugural donation of $1,500 on an emergency basis to the ACFR, a francophone community group.

This organization which recently suffered a damaging flood is near and dear to the Siman family and business, so we were thrilled to help out in a time of need and encourage other organizations who may be able, to do the same. The facility has held many Siman Auto Sales Christmas parties, and is a fantastic place for anyone to enjoy musical, theatrical, and sporting events.

Through the fondation fransaksoise,(ACFR fund), the group solicits donations to support various francophone activities, to provide bursaries and subsidies, and to promote the French language and culture across Regina and throughout Saskatchewan.

Visit to learn more about the organization, their facility and to make a donation.


Au mois de mai, à travers de notre campagne mensuelle de don, "Making a Difference, Together" (Faisons une différence, ensemble), nous avons contribué par cas exceptionnel d’urgence, un don supplémentaire et inaugural de 1 500 $ à l’ACFR, un groupe communautaire francophone.

Récemment, cet organisme que la famille Siman et leur entreprise tiennent très à cœur, a souffert des dommages majeurs suite à une inondation, alors nous sommes ravi de pourvoir offrir de l’aide en leur moment de besoin.

Nous encourageons d’autres organismes qui sont capables de contribuer aussi.

Siman Auto Sales avaient tenu plusieurs fêtes de noël dans les locaux de l’ACFR, et soulignent que ses espaces sont fantastiques pour n’importe quel groupe à entretenir des activités musicales, du théâtre et sportives.

Grâce à la fondation fransaksoise, (le fond ACFR), ce groupe peux solliciter des dons pour appuyer une variété d’activités francophones, de fournir des bourses et subventions, et de promouvoir la langue et culture française à Régina et à travers de la Saskatchewan.

Veuillez visiter pour apprendre davantage de l’organisme, de leurs espaces et de faire votre don.


Derek Matt chose the Regina Thunder Football Club to designate his $1000 donation. As Derek's son is involved with the team, this non-profit organization stood out, and for good reason, as they positively contribute to local athletes' futures.
The Regina Thunder Football Club is a volunteer-run organization supporting aspiring Saskatchewan football players, ages 18-22.
To learn more about the Regina Thunder Football Club, check out their website here: 


For the month of March, Jenn chose yet another fantastic organization, the "Love Lives Here" Bus Ministry.

The Love Lives Here bus ministry involves a school bus converted into a coffee house/church, serving the core area of Regina, North Central. From offering basic essentials such as clothing and food to helping meet them spiritually, the support offered is astonishing and needed for so many in our community.

Jenn has been a part of the ministry/Tuesday night team for nearly four years and has seen firsthand the difference in people's lives through the very special support offered by the ministry. Bringing hope to those feeling hopeless is one of the many reasons why Jenn cherishes her involvement with the ministry and is happy to direct the $1000 donation to Love Lives Here!

For further detail about this cause, check out this video here:

As always, we're thrilled to help support this cause, alongside Jenn, and look forward to sharing the next donation announcement.



For the month of February, Brent is our 1st staff member to participate & has chosen the Pense Legion #341. They support & offer a variety of projects & Brent has designated 2 spectacular worthy cause:

Quilts of Valour - Pense legion #341:

Paws for Veterans:

With his uncle being a courageous Veterans from Unity, SK as well as relationships with Pense Legion members, these causes hold a special meaning to Brent. Brent's 97-year-old uncle was also nominated to receive his very own quilt and was filled with joy hearing the news. A Quilt of Valour TM is a hug from a grateful nation and a tribute to an injured Canadian Armed Forces member, past or present.

We are so thrilled to help support these causes, alongside Brent, and look forward to many more to come from our staff in months to follow.